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"The plasma membrane dynamics during cell death and its immune consequences"

 @ Department of Immunology, University of Pittsburgh and UPMC Hillman Cancer Center

News and Updates

June 2024

In collaboration with Chen Yu-Chih's lab, we have developed an AI to probe cell death and proliferation named "D-MAINS." "D-MAINS" is our upgrade of our last model called  "LANCE". "D-MAINS" is published on Cells.

September 2023

Together with Yu-Chiao (Chris) Chiu's lab, we are awarded with NIH funding to perform the In silico screening for immune surveillance adaptation in cancer using Common Fund data resources.

August 2023

Together with Suhong Xu's Lab, we published a systematic review article about plasma membrane repair and its biological consequences. 

Check our recent publication on Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology.

November 2022

With this paper, we are officially into the cancer immunotherapy field! Congratulations to my excellent teammates and collaborators!!! Weihong, way to GO!!

Check our recent publication on Cell Reports.

October 2022

In collaboration with Chen Yu-Chih's lab, we have developed an AI to probe cell death, named "LANCE". Check "LANCE" from our recent publication on Analytical Chemistry (COVER STORY).

August 2022

Yi-Nan is selected as a 2022 Hillman Fellow for Innovative Developmental Cancer Research

June 2022

Farewell to our excellent tech Josh Prokopec, who will join Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine in the fall semester. Josh, make us proud, and we know you will!!

January 2022

The Gong Lab published the preview article entitled "MLKL ubiquitylation: more than a makeover" on Cell Death & Differentiation

January 2022

The Gong Lab published the research article entitled "Sensing plasma membrane pore formation induces chemokine production in survivors of regulated necrosis" on Dev. Cell

December 2021

The Gong Lab is once again supported by "UPMC Hillman Developmental Pilot Program", in collaborating with Dr. Sawa Ito.

September 2021

Yi-Nan received the very very prestigious NIH Director's New Innovator Award.

May 2021

Joshua Prokopec received the Neuroscience Research Excellence Award for 2021. Congrats Josh!! Way to go!!

April 2021

The R21 application to NCI awarded!!!

July 2020

The Gong Lab is supported by "UPMC Hillman Developmental Pilot Program".

March 2019

The research proposal “THE ROLE OF NECROPTOSIS AND MEMBRANE DAMAGE IN TUMOR MICROENVIRONMENTS” has been approved for funding by the Institute for Precision Medicine.

February 2019

New pub in the FEBS journal, "To the edge of cell death and back", by Gong et al. 

November 2018

The Gong lab Grand Opening!

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